Ways to Sell Your Art Online


With the tight competition among artists, it’s a wise move to exhaust all sales opportunities that comes their way. Selling online must always be an artist’s marketing tactic because it is easy to get a huge reach here. Everyone spends time on the web to socialize or just to look around.

Know where shoppers usually hang out

Find your target market on the web and know which sites they often visit. Aside from social media, shoppers enjoy looking at sites like Amazon and Ebay. Some are now using Etsy and ArtPal so it might be a good idea to choose them as well. Join as many shopping sites as possible.

Use your personal social media account

I’m pretty sure you have your own audience on social media. Now is the time to use it for personal gain so go ahead sell your art to your friends and followers. But now a days, social media is not only for art selling, mostly all kinds of businesses like family investments in manila and electronics are using this platform to sell. And besides, most of them know that you are an artist and displaying your artwork entice them. They might not buy them right away but at least you will gain a bunch of fans. Well, they might just turn out to be your buyers in the future.

Grab those paid ads

Paid ads work especially those on search engines, social media and even emails. Statistics show that paid ads get the biggest reach so they are wise investments after all.

Create your own site

You can actually make your own website where you can sell your stuff. A blog site might also be a good idea. The traffic might not be that big but it is better than nothing. As a starter, you might face more challenges so don’t feel frustrated if you are not getting thousands of visitors right away.

Keep trying to sell your art online. Someone might stumble upon your inspiring artwork. In the mean time, build your own set of fans, readers and followers. One of them can be buyer.

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